How to Turn Your ClickUp Workspace into a Task Management Machine

Even if you don't have processes in place, are short on time...

...or are completely new to project management tools.

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Hey, bookkeeper!

This letter is especially important for all the overworked, exhausted bookkeepers out there who are struggling with an incredibly difficult year.

You thought your trusty Excel sheet or bookkeeping-specific workflow management software would help you manage all the moving pieces.

Every bookkeeper (and their mother) depended on these tools, so you jumped on board too.

  • Excel is perfect for data management and financial analysis but lacks the functionality to share files, check the status of a task, and chat with your team.

  • Plus, your VA never knows what to do next without asking you and you can't tell if your sub-contractor is struggling with a task that could end up overdue if you don't jump in to help.

  • And Jetpack? It's clunky, outdated, and expensive AF.

If you'd known bringing on team members was going to be such a stressful time suck and that these time-saving tools would cost so much, you would have just stuck to being a one-woman show and managed #allthethings yourself.

This is exactly where we were three years ago except Meagan was using Asana and I (Staci) was jumping from one shiny object to another.

No matter how many videos we watched or DIY courses we bought, we couldn't crack the code on successful task management in a way that allowed us to know exactly what was going on in our businesses without being the ones to do it all.

Maybe you feel the same way?

Or maybe you've spent so much time setting up Pixie or Financial Cents that the thought of moving your entire business to ClickUp (even though it's way cheaper) doesn't seem worth the effort.

Or maybe you and your team are brand new to collaborative project management software, and you are totally convinced you'll never be able to learn ClickUp because you're not tech-savvy.

I get it.

After trying so many "eh, it's better than nothing" apps, while still relying heavily on my sticky notes, I gave up on finding the perfect task management tool.

Until one day, I discovered ClickUp when I joined a bookkeeper's team as her online business manager.

To say that Catherine was using ClickUp to manage her tasks would be a complete lie. It looked more like a long list of to-dos that no one wanted to do.

Because it was my job to manage Catherine's business, I had to learn ClickUp. So I watched all the how-to videos, read all the blogs, and asked all the questions.

118 videos and countless hours of implementation later, I had a breakthrough.

"Staci is awesome! With her help, I'm changing my entire ClickUp setup to get myself more organized and help my business run more efficiently." - Tori B.

ClickUp was cost-effective, time-effective, and the absolute best task management system for bookkeepers. And when I partnered with Meagan, the ClickUp magic happened.

Together, we cracked the code on how to drastically shorten the learning curve and make ClickUp specific to bookkeepers.

"Working with Meagan [on my ClickUp] was like being given a flashlight in a dark maze." - Meighan O.

Not us. We've never met in person.



  • Imagine if you could navigate ClickUp as easily as you do QuickBooks without having to binge-watch and piece together 100+ how-to videos.

  • What if you could drastically cut your setup time in half by using a proven bookkeeping-specific framework that was designed by vetted ClickUp consultants?

  • Imagine sleeping better at night knowing that your delegated tasks are getting done (on time - every time).

  • What if you could make recurring tasks recur like clockwork so you never miss a client task (or forget to send an invoice) again?

Client Win


"So many beneficial tips the girls have shared. I enjoyed the course and so will you."

Lisa C.

Bookkeepers inside the Facebook group started talking about us, more and more started asking for help, and that's when we decided to create a course that we could share with the public for a fraction of the price of our 1:1 consulting services.

And after helping 300+ bookkeeping clients, we know we're on to something that works for bookkeepers just like you.

Let's get started!

-Meagan + Staci


ClickUp This Weekend

A power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle for bookkeepers

that will dramatically shortcut your path

to setting up (or reviving) your

PERFECT ClickUp workspace.

Client win


"This course is a great value! In several hours I got a good overview of the program."

Katya K.


  • Navigate ClickUp easily and effortlessly every time you log in (so you can stop wasting time figuring out how ClickUp works and get to work using ClickUp)

  • Design a ClickUp hierarchy that works perfectly for bookkeepers (and stop crowd-sourcing your set up from other newbie users)

  • Create actionable tasks that actually get done (so you can forget about the coffee-stained sticky notes you never actually use)

  • Manage task workflows like a boss (so that deadlines get met and client tasks stop falling through the cracks)

  • Delegate with confidence (so that you can focus on the money-making tasks that only you can do)

  • Communicate clearly with your team (and put an end to miscommunication and unnecessary mistakes)

  • Avoid the most common ClickUp implementation mistakes (so you can stop wasting time on shiny objects and start focusing on building out a workspace that actually works for you, not against you)

  • Supercharge your workflows with recurring tasks (so you can stop re-inventing the client wheel every month)

What's Inside ClickUp This Weekend?


Essentials for Creating Tasks that Get Done

(Value $27 )

This info-packed guide will teach you how to create tasks in ClickUp that are clear and easy for your team to follow each and every time.


ClickUp Navigation Made Easy 3-Part Video Series (VALUE $197)

Become a ClickUp navigational wizard so that you can stop clicking around aimlessly and start clicking into the tasks that need your attention now.


ClickUp Hierarchy for Bookkeepers Made Simple - Steal the exact framework we teach our 1:1 clients! (Value - Priceless!)

This detailed, organizational chart will provide you with the exact hierarchy layout you need to build a bookkeeper-specific ClickUp workspace.


ClickUp Task Master Training: Learn to create and manage tasks like a pro! (Value $97)

This masterclass will unlock the secrets to using ClickUp's task cards so you can keep your work organized and your deadlines met.


DelegatING like a Boss Training: Learn to confidently assign tasks that get done every time (Value $67)

You'll learn the must-have task management skills that you need to delegate with confidence, step into the CEO role, and grow your business.


Clear Communications Training: Say adios to messy email miscommunication and hello to streamlined task communication (Value $47)

This training will teach you the simplicity of ClickUp communications so you can leave FB messenger, Slack, email, Teams, and Voxer behind.

Client Win


"This course actually gave me the courage/ incentive to roll out ClickUp to my team and not just use it for myself. Thank you."


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an accountant. Will this course work for me?

Yes! Any financial pro who provides client services will catapult their ClickUp understanding 1000% after enrolling in ClickUp This Weekend.

Can I really complete all the lessons in a weekend?

Absolutely. We don't believe in the bait-n-switch or fancy product names that don't deliver as promised.

If you're like the other bookkeepers in our community, you have lots of clients and little time.

We created ClickUp This Weekend especially for you - the busy bookkeeper - so you can master your task management in a weekend and work better on Monday.

I'm not using ClickUp yet. Will this course work for me?

Yes! ClickUp This Weekend was designed for you - all of you...

-The DIY bookkeeper with analysis paralysis and ClickUp overwhelm

-The bookkeeper who's not ready to abandon her beloved Asana or Jetpack Workflow until she's confident ClickUp will work for her

-The bookkeeper who's completely new to project management tools, but ready to graduate from her trusted Excel sheets and sticky notes in order to grow her business

I'm already using ClickUp. Will this course help me?

Are you 100% confident that you (and your team) are managing your tasks in the most efficient way possible?

If not, then yes, this course will help you ClickUp better.

Do I need a paid version of ClickUp in order to complete the lessons?

Nope - everything we teach inside of this course uses the free version of ClickUp.

No additional investment is needed to get the most out of this course.

How is ClickUp this Weekend different from other ClickUp courses?

ClickUp the Weekend is meant to be a shortcut series.

The video tutorials, the digital assets, the checklists...all of it is designed to help you with the hardest elements of ClickUp - getting started without frustration and overwhelm.

The course fast tracks all your start-up efforts.

By the time you're done, you'll be amazed at how much more efficiently you (and your team) can get work done on time - every time.

Is everything available immediately?

Sure is! This course is 100% written, and all the materials will be accessible to you immediately after payment.


Essentials for Creating Tasks

that Get Done (value $27)

ClickUp Navigation Made Easy

3-Part Video Series (value $197)

ClickUp Hierarchy for Bookkeepers Made Simple (value priceless!)

ClickUp Task Master Training

(value $97)

Delegating like a Boss Training

(value $67)

Clear Communications Training

(value $47)

Bonus #1 - The Black Book of Secrets to ClickUp Success (value $197)

Bonus #2 - Recurring Tasks that Rock Your Workflow Training (value $97)

Total Value = $727

Today’s Price = $50

Ready to turn your ClickUp

into a task-management machine?


you're an analytical gal

who can crunch numbers

with the best of them, so let's talk ROI

(yes, return on investment).


Wasting valuable time piecing together a bunch of workflow tutorials you learned while watching YouTube videos and crowd-sourcing your client setup from Facebook groups.

Binge-watching your way to task management success probably means that you picked up some great advice along the way, but have some gaping holes in your ClickUp workspace that you're not sure how to fill.

This makes using ClickUp frustrating AF, almost guarantees you (and your team) will revert to your old ways, and makes your ROI a big, fat waste of time.


Feeling completely overwhelmed and have a severe case of analysis paralysis that's slowing you down big time. You don't know where to start (pro tip: It's not the home tab) and have a fear of messing things up when you do.

Not taking action means you're stuck using that clunky Excel sheet to manage #allthethings or begrudgingly using an outdated project management system that doesn't meet your needs. (Your ROI? zero)

Let us tell you something you already know...

Poor task management can literally cost you thousands

of dollars in lost revenue and hundreds of hours of lost time.

As busy bookkeepers who value time and money,

you need a good ROI on both.

Ready to turn things around

by turning your workspace into a

task management machine that

skyrockets your business's ROI?

It's time to


Essentials for Creating Tasks

that Get Done (value $27)

ClickUp Navigation Made Easy

3-Part Video Series (value $197)

ClickUp Hierarchy for Bookkeepers Made Simple (value priceless!)

ClickUp Task Master Training

(value $97)

Delegating like a Boss Training

(value $67)

Clear Communications Training

(value $47)

Bonus #1 - The Black Book of Secrets to ClickUp Success (value $197)

Bonus #2 - Recurring Tasks that Rock Your Workflow Training (value $97)

Total Value = $727

Today’s Price = $50





You'll discover the best-kept ClickUp secrets that we've kept exclusively for our private clients until now!



Learn how to make all of your cyclical bookkeeping tasks recur like clockwork, so you can set 'em and forget 'em (until the next payroll deadline).

Essentials for Creating Tasks

that Get Done (value $27)

ClickUp Navigation Made Easy

3-Part Video Series (value $197)

ClickUp Hierarchy for Bookkeepers Made Simple (value priceless!)

ClickUp Task Master Training

(value $97)

Delegating like a Boss Training

(value $67)

Clear Communications Training

(value $47)

Bonus #1 - The Black Book of Secrets to ClickUp Success (value $197)

Bonus #2 - Recurring Tasks that Rock Your Workflow Training (value $97)

Total Value = $727

Today’s Price = $50 - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions